Bureaucrat's Handbook
Developing Antidotes for Bureaucracy


The Elusive Decision Meeting
Which meeting really matters?

The boss announces an important budget meeting for next Tuesday. He asks all of you to prepare to present your budget requests. You spend all week long gathering the information you will need to request the funds your department will depend on for the upcoming year. When the meeting begins, one of your colleagues is absent and two others announce they were tied up all week and did not have time to prepare. They ask, can we just spend the time setting the stage for what is needed? You are disappointed but agree to postpone the decision making until next week. You spend some time tuning up your information, but have to spend most of your time catching up on the work you deferred while you were preparing last week. The second meeting date arrives and again there are distractions, excuses, and pleas to postpone again. Finally the third meeting takes place, you are unable to attend, the budget decisions are made while you are absent, and they eat your lunch.

When are we just marking time and when is the real meeting when the real decisions are made?

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