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The Emotional Competency website helps people explore the logic of passion. See: https://emotionalcompetency.com/

The site is dedicated to developing the essential social skills to recognize, interpret, and respond constructively to emotions in yourself and others. It features an in-depth description and discussion of twenty-four distinct emotions. It provides a path toward peace of mind.

Emotional competency is an important skill that can provide several benefits throughout many aspects of your life. It can increase your satisfaction with relationships while it increases your gratification and contentment with the many interpersonal events in your life. It can give you greater insight and help you better understand the motives and actions of yourself and others. You can begin to free yourself from anger, hate, resentment, vengeance, and other destructive emotions that cause hurt and pain. You can feel relief and enjoy greater peace-of-mind, autonomy, intimacy, dignity, and wisdom as you engage more deeply with others. Increasing your tolerance and compassion can lead to an authentic optimism and a well-founded confidence, based on your better understanding and interpretation of what-is.

The website is accessible, comprehensive, and carefully researched. Clearly written in plain English, it covers each topic fully and identifies the extensive and authoritative references relied on to ensure accuracy and encourage further study.

The site includes a study guide that provides a well-organized path through the material to aid self-study. See: https://emotionalcompetency.com/searchsite.htm

The site also features:
+ A guide to recognizing emotions: https://emotionalcompetency.com/recognizing.htm
+ A guide to the core human concepts that trigger our emotions: https://emotionalcompetency.com/concepts.htm
+ A practical introduction to the theory of knowledge: http://ThePeripatetic.com/
+ A description of the survival value of each emotion: https://emotionalcompetency.com/beacon.htm

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Fear, Sadness, Anger, Joy, Surprise, Disgust, Contempt, Anger, Envy, Jealousy, Fright, Anxiety, Guilt, Shame, Relief, Hope, Sadness, Depression, Happiness, Pride, Love, Gratitude, Compassion, Aesthetic Experience, Joy, Distress, Happy-for, Sorry-for, Resentment, Gloating, Pride, Shame, Admiration, Reproach, Love, Hate, Hope, Fear, Satisfaction, Relief, Fears-confirmed, Disappointment, Gratification, Gratitude, Anger, Remorse, power, dominance, stature, relationships

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