Emotional Competency

Explore the Logic of Passion

These core concepts are central to many emotions
More are defined in the glossary.

What is — A firm foundation anchored in observed phenomenon and valid logic

Self — Your physical and mental being with all its human and unique characteristics

Relationships — The history of interactions between two or more people

Power — An asymmetrical dyadic relationship

Organization — a group of people and their relationships

  • Relatives — A group of people who are genetically closely related; kin.
  • Family — Parents and their children.
  • Tribe — A group of people united by common ancestry, a community of customs and traditions, or recognition of the same leaders.
  • Team — A group of people who choose to be united by common goals.
  • Committee — A group of people who are assigned a common goal.
  • Community — A group of people where each member has a significant relationship with every other member.
  • Bureaucracy — An organization structure based on dependency relationships.
  • State governments — A political structure based on sovereignty.
  • World — All of us including the environment that surrounds and sustains us.

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