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Trait Adjectives
Symbols describing People

As you meet people your mind assigns them a category, labels them according to the category, and associates them with particular symbols. Many labels, called trait adjectives, have been created to describe the wide range of individual characteristics we observe. These words are typically used to describe personality traits, the intrinsic differences that remain stable throughout most of our life.


  1. Labels describing salient and stable characteristics of an individual, including your self.

Related Terms

Labels, symbols, stereotypes, and defining traits are all words that describe the symbols we use to think about people. While we use trait adjectives as labels for symbols to describe people, we use trait nouns as labels for symbols for people.


Symbols are the fundamental mechanism our memories use to categorize and organize information. They are essential to the efficient operation of our enormous and flexible memory. These symbols become dangerous when we confuse them with the actual person, or if they are inaccurately assigned or interpreted.

The Trait Adjectives:

Here, listed alphabetically, are the English language trait adjectives:

Abrasive, Abrupt, Absent-minded, Abstinent, Abstract, Abusive, Acceptant, Accessible, Accommodating, Accomplished, Accurate, Acid, Acquiescent, Acquisitive, Active, Adaptable, Adaptive, Adjustable, Adulterous, Adventurous, Affable, Affected, Affectionate, Affirmative, Aggressive, Agitable, Agitative, Agreeable, Aimful, Aimless, Alarmable, Alert, Aloof, Altruistic, Ambitious, Amiable, Amicable, Amorous, Analytical, Angelic, Animated, Antagonistic, Anticipative, Antisocial, Anxious, Apathetic, Appreciative, Approachable, Arbitrary, Arbitrative, Argumentative, Aristocratic, Arrogant, Articulate, Artistic, Ascendant, Asocial, Assertive, Assured, Astute, Audacious, Austere, Authoritative, Autocratic, Autonomous, Aweless, Awkward

Balky, Bashful, Belligerent, Bendable, Beneficent, Benevolent, Biased, Bigheaded, Big-hearted, Big-mouthed, Bigoted, Bitter, Bland, Blase, Blasphemous, Blunt, Blunt-witted, Blustery, Boastful, Boastless, Boisterous, Bold, Bookish, Boorish, Bossy, Bountiful, Boyish, Brainy, Brash, Brave, Brawlsome, Brazen, Breezy, Bright, Brisk, Bristly, Broad-minded, Broad-spoken, Broody, Brusque, Brutal, Bubbly, Bullheaded, Bullish, Bullying, Buoyant, Businesslike, Busyish

Cagy, Calculable, Calculating, Callous, Calm, Candid, Canny, Cantankerous, Capable, Capricious, Carefree, Careful, Careless, Careworn, Casual, Catty, Caustic, Cautious, Cavalier, Censorial, Cerebral, Ceremonious, Certain, Changeable, Changeless, Charitable, Chaste, Chatty, Cheerful, Cherubic, Chic, Childish, Childlike, Chipper, Chitchatty, Chivalrous, Choosy, Circumspect, Civil, Civilized, Clairvoyant, Clannish, Clear-cut, Clear-headed, Clear-sighted, Clear-thinking, Clever, Clingy, Cliquish, Closed-minded, Closefisted, Close-mouthed, Clownish, Clumsy, Coarse, Cocky, Coercive, Coherent, Cold, Cold-hearted, Combative, Communicative, Companionable, Compassionate, Compassionless, Competitory, Complacent, Complaining, Complaisant, Complex, Compliant, Complicated, Complimentary, Compulsive, Comradely, Conceited, Conceitless, Conciliatory, Concise, Condescending, Confident, Confusable, Confused, Congenial, Conscienceless, Conscientious, Conservative, Considerate, Consistent, Consolatory, Constant, Constrained, Constructive, Contemplative, Contented, Contradictious, Contradictory, Contrary, Contrary-minded, Controlled, Conventional, Conversational, Cool, Cool-headed, Cooperative, Cordial, Corrective, Cosmopolitan, Counselable, Courageous, Courteous, Courtly, Covetous, Cowardly, Coy, Crabby, Crafty, Cranky, Creative, Credulous, Critical, Crotchety, Cruel, Crusading, Cultivated, Cultured, Cunning, Curious, Curt, Cynical

Dainty, Dapper, Daring, Dauntless, Debonair, Deceitful, Deceivable, Deceptive, Decisive, Dedicated, Deep, Defensive, Defiant, Definite, Deliberate, Deliberative, Demanding, Democratic, Demonstrative, Demure, Dependable, Dependent, Derisive, Derogatory, Designful, Despondent, Destructive, Detached, Determined, Devilish, Devil-may-care, Devious, Devout, Dictatorial, Dignified, Digressive, Diligent, Diplomatic, Direct, Discerning, Discourageable, Discourteous, Discreet, Discriminative, Disdainful, Disguiseless, Dishonest, Disobliging, Disorderly, Disorganized, Dispassionate, Disregardful, Disrespectful, Disruptive, Dissatisfied, Dissensualized, Dissocial, Distant, Distractible, Distrustful, Divertible, Docile, Doctrinaire, Dogged, Dogmatic, Doleful, Dominant, Domineering, Double-faced, Double-tongued, Down-to-earth, Dreamy, Dull, Dull-witted, Durable, Dutiful, Dynamic

Eager, Eagle-eyed, Earnest, Earthly-minded, Earthly-wise, Earthy, Easeless, Easy-going, Economical, Educable, Educated, Effeminate, Effervescent, Efficient, Egocentric, Egotistical, Elegant, Elfish, Eloquent, Elusive, Embittered, Emotional, Emotionless, Empathic, Emphatic, Encyclopedic, Energetic, Enlightened, Enterprising, Enthusiastic, Envious, Equalitarian, Erratic, Ethical, Evangelistic, Evasive, Exact, Exacting, Exaggerative, Excessive, Excitable, Exclusive, Exhaustible, Exhaustive, Exhibitionistic, Expansive, Explicit, Exploitative, Explosive, Expressive, Extravagant, Extroverted

Facetious, Factious, Faint-hearted, Fair-minded, Fair-natured, Faithful, False-hearted, Fanatical, Fanciful, Fancy-free, Farseeing, Fastidious, Fatalistic, Fatigueless, Faultfinding, Fearful, Fearless, Feelingful, Feelingless, Feminine, Fervent, Fickle, Fidgety, Fierce, Fiery, Finicky, Firm, Flamboyant, Flammable, Flatterable, Flaunty, Flexible, Flighty, Flippant, Flirtatious, Fluttery, Folksy, Foolhardy, Foolish, Foot-loose, Forbearing, Forceful, Forceless, Forcible, Foresighted, Foresightless, Forethoughtful, Forgetful, Forgiving, Formal, Forthright, Forward, Forward-looking, Foul-mouthed, Foxy, Frank, Fraternal, Fraudulent, Free-living, Free-minded, Freethinking, Fretful, Fretless, Friendly, Frightenable, Frisky, Frivolous, Frolicsome, Frugal, Fussy

Gabby, Gallant, Generous, Genial, Genteel, Gentle, Gentle-hearted, Gentlemanlike, Girlish, Giving, Glib, Gloomy, Gluttonous, God-fearing, Godless, Good-hearted, Good-humored, Good-natured, Good-tempered, Gossipy, Graceful, Graceless, Gracious, Greedy, Great-hearted, Gregarious, Gruff, Grumbly, Grumpy, Guileless, Gullible, Gushy, Gutless, Gutsy

Haphazard, Happy-go-lucky, Hardened, Hard-headed, Hard-hearted, Hard-nosed, Hard-shelled, Hardworking, Harsh, Hasty, Haughty, Headlong, Headstrong, Heartless, Hearty, Hectic, Heedful, Heedless, Helpful, Heretical, Hermitish, Heroic, High-faluting, High-handed, High-minded, High-principled, High-spirited, High-strung, Hit-or-miss, Hoggish, Homespun, Homicidal, Honest, Hospitable, Hostile, Hot-blooded, Hot-tempered, Humane, Humanitarian, Humble, Humorless, Humorous, Hypercritical, Hypersensitive, Hypersensual, Hypocritical

Icy, Idealistic, Ignorant, Ill-humored, Illiterate, Ill-mannered, Ill-natured, Illogical, Ill-tempered, Ill-willed, Imaginative, Imitative, Immature, Immoderate, Immodest, Immovable, Impartial, Impassive, Impatient, Imperceptive, Impersonal, Impertinent, Imperturbable, Impetuous, Impious, Impish, Impolite, Impractical, Imprecise, Impressible, Impressionable, Imprudent, Impudent, Impulsive, Inaccurate, Inaggressive, Inarticulate, Incautious, Incoercible, Incompliant, Inconfident, Inconfinable, Incongenial, Inconsiderate, Inconsistent, Inconstant, Incontrollable, Inconvincible, Incorrupt, Incorruptible, Incurious, Indecisive, Indefatigable, Indefinite, Indeliberate, Indelicate, Independent, Indestructible, Indifferent, Indirect, Indiscreet, Indivertible, Individualistic, Indocile, Indomitable, Indulgent, Industrious, Inefficient, Inelegant, Ineloquent, Inexact, Inexcitable, Inexhaustible, Inexperienced, Inexplicit, Inexpressive, Inflexible, Informal, Informative, Informed, Ingenious, Ingenuous, Ingratiating, Ingratiatory, Inharmonious, Inhibited, Inhospitable, Inhuman, Inhumane, Inirritable, Injudicious, Innovative, Inquiring, Inquisitive, Inquisitorial, Insecure, Insensitive, Insensuous, Insightful, Insincere, Insolent, Instructible, Insubordinate, Insuppressible, Intellectual, Intelligent, Intemperate, Intense, Intimate, Intolerant, Intricate, Introspective, Introverted, Intrusive, Intuitive, Invariable, Inventive, Invincible, Inward, Iron-hearted, Ironical, Irrational, Irreformable, Irreligious, Irrepressible, Irresolute, Irresponsible, Irrestrainable, Irreverent, Irritable

Jaunty, Jealous, Jocular, Jolly, Jovial, Joyless, Judicious, Just, Juvenile

Kind, Kind-hearted, Kindly, Knavish, Know-it-all, Knowledgeable

Lackadaisical, Ladylike, Lamblike, Languid, Larcenous, Laughterless, Lavish, Law-abiding, Lawless, Lax, Lazy, Leadable, Learned, Lecherous, Legalistic, Leisureless, Leisurely, Lenient, Lethargic, Level-headed, Lewd, Lifeless, Life-weary, Light-hearted, Lion-hearted, Literal, Literary, Literate, Live, Lively, Logical, Long-suffering, Long-winded, Loose-tongued, Loud, Loud-mouthed, Loving, Loyal, Lucid, Lukewarm, Lustful, Lustless, Lusty

Magisterial, Magnanimous, Magnetic, Malevolent, Malicious, Malleable, Manipulable, Manipulative, Manly, Mannerless, Mannerly, Many-sided, Masculine, Masochistic, Materialistic, Maternal, Matter-of-fact, Mature, Mechanistic, Meditative, Meddlesome, Meek, Melancholic, Melodramatic, Mercenary, Merciful, Merciless, Merry, Messy, Methodical, Meticulous, Mild, Mild-hearted, Militant, Ministrative, Mirthful, Mirthless, Mischievous, Miserly, Misleadable, Mistrustful, Moderate, Modest, Moldable, Monosyllabic, Moody, Moral, Moralistic, Moralizing, Morbid, Morose, Mousy, Muddle-headed, Mulish, Mundane, Murderous, Mushy, Musical, Mussy, Mutinous, Mystical

Nagging, Naive, Narrow, Narrow-minded, Natural, Negative, Negativistic, Neglectful, Negligent, Neighborly, Nervous, Nervy, Niggardly, Nimble-witted, Noisy, Nonbelligerent, Nonchalant, Noncoercive, Noncompliant, Nonconforming, Nonegotistical, Nonexplosive, Nonhostile, Nonimitative, Noninterfering, Nonirritable, Nonpersistent, Nonrational, Nonreligious, Nonrigid, Nonspiritual, Nonunderstanding, Nonvariant, Nonvocal, Nonvolatile, Nosey

Objective, Obliging, Observant, Obsessive, Obstinate, Obtrusive, Old-fashioned, One-sided, Open-hearted, Open-minded, Opinionated, Opportunistic, Optimistic, Orderly, Organized, Original, Ornery, Ostentatious, Otherworldly, Outgoing, Outspoken, Overactive, Overambitious, Overbearing, Overbitter, Overbold, Overbookish, Overbrave, Overbusy, Overcareful, Overcaring, Overcasual, Overcautious, Overcharitable, Overconfident, Overconscientious, Overcredulous, Overcritical, Overcunning, Overcurious, Overdaring, Overdiligent, Overearnest, Overelegant, Overemotional, Overemphatic, Overexcitable, Overfastidious, Overfearful, Overfierce, Overforward, Overgreedy, Overharsh, Overhasty, Overimaginative, Overindulgent, Overintense, Overjealous, Overkind, Overlogical, Overloud, Overlusty, Overmerry, Overmodest, Overneat, Overnervous, Overpartial, Overparticular, Overpassionate, Overpatient, Overprompt, Overproud, Overquiet, Overrash, Overrefined, Overrelaxed, Overrighteous, Overrigid, Overrigorous, Overscrupulous, Oversensitive, Overserious, Oversevere, Overslow, Oversolicitous, Overspeedy, Overstrict, Overstudious, Oversubtle, Oversuspicious, Overtalkative, Overthoughtful, Overtrained, Overtrusting, Overvaliant, Overviolent, Overwary, Overwomanly, Overzealous

Pacifistic, Painstaking, Participative, Particular, Passionate, Passionless, Passive, Patient, Patronizing, Peaceful, Peacemaking, Peevish, Penetrative, Pensive, Peppery, Peppy, Perceptive, Perfectionistic, Perky, Persecutive, Persevering, Persistent, Perspectiveless, Persuadable, Persuasive, Pert, Perturbable, Pessimistic, Petty, Philanthropic, Philosophical, Philosophizing, Picky, Pig-headed, Pious, Pitiless, Placid, Plain-dealing, Plain-spoken, Planful, Planless, Playful, Pleasant, Pleasure-seeking, Pliable, Pliant, Plucky, Poetic, Poised, Polished, Polite, Political, Pompous, Posed, Possessive, Pouty, Practical, Prankish, Prayerful, Preachy, Precise, Precondemning, Predatory, Predictable, Prejudiced, Prejudiceless, Premeditative, Presumptuous, Pretenseful, Pretenseless, Pretentious, Prideless, Prim, Principled, Productive, Profane, Profound, Progressive, Prompt, Proper, Prophetic, Protective, Proud, Provincial, Provocable, Prudent, Prudish, Punctual, Puritanical, Purposeful, Purposeless, Purposive

Quarrelsome, Questioning, Quick, Quick-tempered, Quick-witted, Quiet, Quiet-spoken

Rambunctious, Rascally, Rash, Rational, Realistic, Reasonable, Rebellious, Reckless, Reclusive, Refined, Reflective, Reformative, Relaxed, Relentless, Reliable, Reliant, Religious, Remorseless, Reproachful, Resentful, Reserved, Resilient, Resourceful, Respectful, Responsible, Responsive, Restless, Restrainable, Restrained, Retaliative, Retiring, Retortive, Revengeful, Reverent, Rigid, Rigorous, Risque, Ritualistic, Rivalrous, Roguish, Rollicking, Rootless, Rough, Rowdy, Rude, Rugged, Ruthless

Saccharine, Sadistic, Saintly, Sarcastic, Sassy, Satiric, Saucy, Scampish, Scandalmongering, Scatterbrained, Scheming, Scholarly, Scornful, Scrappy, Scrupulous, Seclusive, Secretive, Sedate, Self-assertive, Self-assured, Self-centered, Self-confident, Self-conscious, Self-consistent, Self-controlled, Self-critical, Self-deceiving, Self-defeating, Self-defensive, Self-deluding, Self-denying, Self-deprecating, Self-destructive, Self-disciplined, Self-disparaging, Self-doubting, Self-effacing, Self-examining, Self-excusing, Self-expressive, Self-important, Self-indulgent, Selfish, Selfless, Self-pitying, Self-possessed, Self-punishing, Self-reliant, Self-reproachful, Self-respecting, Self-restrained, Self-revealing, Self-righteous, Self-sacrificing, Self-satisfied, Self-seeking, Self-sufficient, Self-willed, Sensitive, Sensual, Sensuous, Sentimental, Serene, Serious, Serious-minded, Servile, Severe, Sexy, Shallow, Sharp-tongued, Sharp-witted, Shiftless, Shortsighted, Short-spoken, Short-tempered, Showy, Shrewd, Shrewish, Shrinking, Shy, Silent, Simple, Sincere, Single-minded, Skeptical, Slanderous, Slick, Sloppy, Slothful, Slovenly, Slow, Slow-witted, Sluggish, Sly, Smart, Smooth-spoken, Smug, Sneaky, Snobbish, Snoopy, Snooty, Sober-minded, Sociable, Social, Soft-hearted, Soft-shelled, Soft-spoken, Solemn, Solicitous, Somber, Sophisticated, Sour, Sparkling, Speedy, Spineless, Spirited, Spiritless, Spiritual, Spiteful, Spontaneous, Sportsmanlike, Sprightly, Spry, Spunky, Squeamish, Stable, Stalwart, Stand-offish, Statesmanlike, Steadfast, Steady, Stern, Stingy, Stormy, Stout-hearted, Straightforward, Strait-laced, Strict, Stringent, Strong-minded, Stubborn, Stuck-up, Studious, Stuffy, Suave, Subjective, Submissive, Sugary, Suggestible, Sulky, Sullen, Sultry, Sunny, Superficial, Supersensitive, Superstitious, Surly, Suspicious, Swellheaded, Sympathetic, Systematic

Taciturn, Tactful, Tactless, Talkative, Tame, Tasteful, Tasteless, Teachable, Temperamental, Temperate, Tempestuous, Temptable, Tenacious, Tender, Tender-hearted, Tenderminded, Tense, Tentative, Terse, Testy, Thick-headed, Thick-skinned, Thick-witted, Thin-skinned, Thorough, Thoroughgoing, Thoughtful, Thoughtless, Thriftless, Thrifty, Tidy, Tight, Tight-lipped, Timid, Timorous, Tireless, Tolerant, Touchy, Tough, Tough-minded, Traditional, Transparent, Treacherous, Tricky, Trustful, Trustworthy, Truthful, Truthless, Twitchy, Tyrannical

Ultraconservative, Ultracritical, Ultrademocratic, Ultrafastidious, Ultraintellectual, Ultrarefined, Ultrareligious, Ultrasensual, Ultrasentimental, Ultraspiritual, Unaccessible, Unaccommodating, Unaccomplished, Unadaptable, Unadulterous, Unadventurous, Unaffable, Unaffected, Unaffectionate, Unaggressive, Unagreeable, Unaiding, Unalert, Unalterable, Unambitious, Unamiable, Unamusable, Unanalytic, Unanchored, Unanimated, Unapproachable, Unargumentative, Unartistic, Unaspiring, Unassertive, Unassisting, Unassuming, Unassured, Unauthoritative, Unbashful, Unbelligerent, Unbendable, Unbending, Unbenevolent, Unbewailing, Unbiased, Unbigoted, Unblushing, Unboastful, Unbold, Unbookish, Unbridled, Unbusinesslike, Uncalculating, Uncandid, Uncareful, Uncautious, Unceremonious, Unchangeable, Unchanging, Uncharitable, Unchaste, Uncheerful, Uncheery, Unchivalrous, Uncivil, Uncivilized, Uncommunicative, Uncompanionable, Uncompassionate, Uncompetitive, Uncomplaining, Uncomplaisant, Uncompromising, Unconcealing, Unconciliatory, Unconfident, Unconfiding, Unconformable, Unconscientious, Unconstrainable, Unconstrained, Unconstructive, Uncontradictable, Uncontriving, Uncontrolled, Unconventional, Uncooperative, Uncordial, Uncourteous, Uncourtly, Uncouth, Uncrafty, Uncreative, Uncritical, Uncultivated, Uncultured, Uncunning, Uncurbable, Uncurious, Undeceivable, Undeceptive, Undefeatable, Undelaying, Undeliberate, Undeliberative, Undemanding, Undemocratic, Undemonstrative, Undependable, Underhand, Underogatory, Understanding, Underwitted, Undespairing, Undespondent, Undeviating, Undevious, Undevout, Undignified, Undiligent, Undiplomatic, Undisappointable, Undiscerning, Undisciplined, Undiscourageable, Undiscriminating, Undisguised, Undisturbable, Undivertible, Undogmatic, Undramatic, Undutiful, Uneager, Unearnest, Uneconomical, Uneducated, Unelusive, Unembittered, Unemotional, Unemphatic, Unenlightened, Unenterprising, Unenthusiastic, Unenvious, Unerring, Unethical, Unexacting, Unexcitable, Unexpansive, Unexplosive, Unextravagant, Unfailing, Unfair, Unfaithful, Unfaltering, Unfearing, Unfeeling, Unfeigning, Unfeminine, Unflinching, Unfluctuating, Unfluent, Unforbearing, Unforcible, Unforgetful, Unforgiving, Unforseeing, Unfraternal, Unfriendly, Unfrugal, Ungallant, Ungenerous, Ungenteel, Ungentle, Ungentlemanly, Ungiving, Ungovernable, Ungraceful, Ungracious, Ungregarious, Ungrudging, Unguarded, Unhardened, Unhardy, Unharming, Unhasty, Unheedful, Unhelpful, Unheroic, Unhurried, Unimaginative, Unimpassionate, Unimpatient, Unimpressible, Unimpressionable, Unindulgent, Unindustrious, Uninformed, Uningenious, Uninhibited, Uninquiring, Uninquisitive, Unintellectual, Unintelligent, Unintrospective, Uninventive, Uninvestigative, Unjealous, Unjoyful, Unkind, Unkindly, Unladylike, Unlearned, Unliterary, Unlively, Unloving, Unmaidenly, Unmalicious, Unmalleable, Unmanly, Unmannered, Unmasculine, Unmeddling, Unmeek, Unmelancholy, Unmercenary, Unmerciful, Unmerry, Unmethodical, Unmild, Unmindful, Unmirthful, Unmodifiable, Unmoralizing, Unmovable, Unneighborly, Unniggardly, Unobliging, Unobservant, Unobtrusive, Unoriginal, Unostentatious, Unpardoning, Unpartisan, Unpeaceable, Unperceptive, Unpersonable, Unpersuadable, Unpersuasive, Unphilanthropic, Unphilosophical, Unpitying, Unpleasable, Unpliable, Unpoised, Unpolished, Unpolite, Unpolitical, Unpreaching, Unpredictable, Unpresuming, Unpretending, Unpretentious, Unprincipled, Unproductive, Unprogressive, Unprovincial, Unpunctual, Unpurposed, Unquestioning, Unrealistic, Unreasonable, Unreasoning, Unreceptive, Unrefined, Unreflective, Unreined, Unrelaxing, Unrelenting, Unreliable, Unreligious, Unrepressible, Unreproachful, Unreserved, Unrespectful, Unresponsive, Unresting, Unrestrainable, Unrestrained, Unrevealing, Unrevengeful, Unromantic, Unrude, Unruly, Unsaintly, Unsatisfiable, Unsceptical, Unscholarly, Unschooled, Unscornful, Unscrupulous, Unsearching, Unselfconcious, Unselfish, Unsentimental, Unsevere, Unshakable, Unshrinking, Unshy, Unsly, Unsmiling, Unsociable, Unsocial, Unsolemn, Unsolicitous, Unsophisticated, Unsparkling, Unspeaking, Unspiritual, Unspontaneous, Unsportsmanlike, Unstable, Unsteadfast, Unstirrable, Unstormy, Unstudious, Unsubduable, Unsubmissive, Unsunny, Unsure, Unsuspicious, Unswayable, Unswerving, Unsympathetic, Unsystematic, Untalkative, Untamable, Untasteful, Untaught, Unteachable, Untemptable, Untender, Untheatrical, Unthinking, Unthorough, Unthrifty, Untidy, Untiring, Untrained, Untransparent, Untrustful, Untrustworthy, Untruthful, Untutored, Unvacillating, Unvain, Unvaliant, Unvarying, Unventurous, Unversed, Unvigilant, Unvigorous, Unvindictive, Unvisioned, Unvocal, Unvoluptuous, Unwarlike, Unwary, Unwasteful, Unwatchful, Unwavering, Unwild, Unwillful, Unwily, Unwise, Unwitty, Unworldly, Unyielding, Unzealous, Urbane

Vague, Vain, Valiant, Valorous, Variable, Vengeful, Venturesome, Venturous, Verbal, Verbose, Versatile, Vibrant, Vigorless, Vigorous, Vindictive, Violent, Virile, Visionary, Vivacious, Vivid, Vocal, Volatile, Volcanic, Voluptuous

Warlike, Warm, Warm-hearted, Warmthless, Wary, Wasteful, Weak-hearted, Weak-kneed, Weak-spirited, Weariless, Weepy, Well-mannered, Well-read, Well-spoken, Whimsical, Whiny, Wide-awake, Wild, Willful, Wily, Wise, Wishful, Wishy-washy, Withdrawing, Withdrawn, Witless, Witty, Womanly, Wordy, Wordly, Worldly-minded, Wordly-wise, World-weary, Worriless, Worrying, Worshipful

Zany, Zealless, Zealous, Zestful


Some Normative Characteristics of the 1710 trait descriptive adjectives. (Undated), Unpublished, L. R. Goldberg

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