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Force Field Analysis
Forces supporting and opposing living by the Golden Rule

This force field analysis lists the forces that support living by the Golden Rule along with the opposing forces. Reducing the impact of the opposing forces will allow you to make more progress toward the goal of living the Golden Rule.

Supporting Forces Opposing Forces
The Golden Rule is advocated by most religions and cultures around the world. I donít know what the Golden Rule means. Interpretations of the Golden Rule are often ambiguous, unclear, or unkind.
It is the right thing to do. It makes people feel good. This is gratifying. It provides an expression of your spirituality. This is corny, no one else does it. The present culture is an unsupportive context. We lack any community supporting this level of compassion.  A fiercely competitive environment is normal, and we become complacent to cruelty. We donít notice when the Golden Rule is broken, because predatory behavior is considered normal.
It is the path to world peace. I am special. I deserve special treatment and cannot be bothered squandering kindness on the masses. Ego involvement, selfishness, greed, impatience, overload, and holding power-over others make this difficult.
It provides a simple guide for living your life. Iím not going to be kind to a jerk. It is difficult to have compassion for a jerk.
  I have to protect myself from my attackers. Fear is inevitable in a  world filled with danger, scarcity, and pain.
  Iím not going to be kind to my enemies. It is difficult to feel compassion for your enemies. Enemies bring out our hatred, spite, and revenge.
  If I donít oppose my rivals I will lose. It is simply unwise to assist your rivals and help out your opponents. The world is based on competition, and I plan to continue being a tough competitor. There are always zero-sum games I must win and scarce resources I must compete for. System analysis such as the Tragedy of the Commons and Tit-for-tat prove I have to be aggressive and retaliate or I will lose out.
  Oppression crushes compassion.

Each of these opposing forces is expanded on and explained more fully on the solutions page where solutions are suggested for each of the opposing forces. Click on the links to read the suggested solutions.

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